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UFX DIGITAL Photography is dedicated to the art of tastefully  capturing the happiest and most revered moments of couples on their big  day. They have been creating timeless memories over the past 7 years and  have covered over 100 weddings all over India. 

a team  of passionate individuals with fiery avidity to create the purest form  of craft that art forms like photography and filmmaking deserves. We  love everything there is to capture about Indian Weddings - the colors,  the chaos, the lighting, the laughter and of course, the love.

Our  team ensures that every frame created is filled with novelty, beauty,  yet retains the intricacies of authenticity of the subjects in it. We  create spectacular candid wedding experiences for our clients time after  time, and receive gratification from seeing our works adorn your house  walls.

Our Experience


In our 7 years of professional photography experience, we have had the privilege to shoot many events and people. Whether we  shooting a portrait in the Hills or a corporate event in Chennai , you can rely on me to deliver beautiful, perfectly-lit photos on the highest quality paper every time.

My Photos


We are  comfortable with many locations and photography styles. The photograph style may differ from assignment to assignment, but our commitment to quality and craft is unwavering. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.

Our Services

Event Photography


Whether we're working from a list of must-haves you created or drawing on our experience, we'll make sure we get the perfect shot every time. We can capture the moments we know you'll want so your event is perfectly preserved.

Session Photography


After choosing a shoot location, we will visit it ahead of time to design a shoot plan. Then we'll spend time walking with you through the site asking questions. And if the site is new to us, we'll take test photographs. Family, groups, and children are our specialty.

Professional Head Shots


Working in our studio or your workplace, we will photograph a collection of head shots for you to use for professional profiles and bios, audition packets, or employment websites like LinkedIn. Let us capture your professional best.

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097866 55360